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Patient/Provider Agreement for Controlled Drug Prescriptions

The following items numbered 1 to 4 are the same for Acadia Hospital, Bucksport Regional Health Center, The Center for Family Medicine, Community Health and Counseling Services, Eastern Maine Medical Center, Health Access Network, Penobscot Community Health Care and St. Joseph Healthcare.

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CDC Checklist for Prescribing Opioids For Chronic Pain

cdc checklist for prescribing opiods

CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain

cdc guidelines for prescribing opioids

Recommendations for Opioid Prescribing in Non-Cancer Related Chronic Pain

rec for opioid prescribing in non cancer

Tools for Monitoring Chronic Opioid Therapy

tools for monitoring chronic opiod therapy

Informed Consent for Opioids for Chronic Pain

It has been explained to me that the use of opioid drugs (for example, methadone, hydromorphone, oxycodone, fentanyl, morphine, hydrocodone, tramadol) leads to a higher risk of accident, injury, falls, car accidents, breathing problems (including not breathing), heart disease, accidental overdose and death.

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Letter to Patient - Chronic Pain

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[Today’s Date]

[Patient Name]
[Patient Mailing Address]

Dear [Patient First Name]

Our office is improving how we help patients manage chronic pain. We have learned a lot in recent years about how chronic pain can be better managed. This had led to a change in state law on prescription pain medicine. We will be working with you to improve your pain care. This may involve changes to your medicines or adding other treatments that you may not have considered.

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Opioid Risk Tool

opioid risk tool

Pain Assessment and Documentation Tool

pain assessment and documentation tool

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