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Information for Patients

What You Need To Know About Maine’s New Opioid Prescribing Law

For people living with chronic pain, opioid pain relievers (such as morphine, oxycodone, and hydrocodone) have frequently been prescribed in the past to help decrease pain. However, as more has become known about the dangers and long-term effects of these medications, many states have increased their regulation of opioid pain relievers.

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Talking Points for PL c488


Important things for providers to remember about Public Law Chapter 488

  • Patients on high doses of prescription opioids are at higher risk for addiction to illegally obtained medications and heroin. A top priority in any conversation about reducing or eliminating opioid medications is to keep the patient from turning to street drugs in response to any change in treatment. Assume this risk is present in all patients, regardless of socio-economic status.

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