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COPD Guidelines

copd guidelines

Lung Screening Guidelines

Lung Cancer Screening using Low Dose CT Guidelines

Author: Barbara Wiggin, Manager Cardiology and Nuclear Medicine Services, MGMC

In 2014 MaineGeneral diagnosed and treated 1,118 patients with malignancies. Lung CA is our second highest CA with low detection at stages 0 and I when it is easy to treat and prognosis much better for our patients. The 5 yr survival rate at for Stage 1 = 60-80% and at stage III and IV is 10% or less. As we’ve seen with other cancers a strong screening process can make a difference

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Lung Screening Assesment Categories

lung screening assessment

Shortness of Breath

Outpatient Evaluation of Shortness of Breath

Author: Daniel C. Doornbos MD, FCCP
January 23, 2016
Revised August 16, 2016

Summary: Shortness of Breath (SOB, also referred to as dyspnea) is an extremely common symptom complex that is encountered on nearly a daily basis by active practitioners. Some causes of dyspnea are simple and obvious to even cursory inspection, but other patients may have either no obvious source of dyspnea or may have several causes that are able to cause dyspnea with no one process necessarily obviously “the cause” of every episode of shortness of breath.

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