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Policy to Ensure Coordination with Public Health Entities

Date: August 20, 2014

Original Signed by Barbara Crowley MD, President KRHA & John Burke MD, Board Chair KRHA

  1. PURPOSE: To ensure ongoing communication with public health by:
    1. promoting a region in which residents can enjoy the highest quality of life
    2. building a better service delivery system through integration of thought, action and pruapose including community resources.
  2. POLICY: Open communication, collaboration, and alignment of resource use is an essential responsibility between all members of KRHA and community partners.
  3. RESPONSIBILITY: The MaineGeneral Prevention Center and KRHA contracted staff will play key liaison roles between clinicians and community organizations to help facilitate and educate each party about potential linkages for better patient and family care.
  4. Original signed KRHA Policies are mantained in the KRHA administrative office and evailable to members on the ShareFile website.
  5. POLICY APPLIES TO: All Members and Contracted Staff of KRHA

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